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Subject: Aborted due to >100000 links? A few questions..
Author: LunaSea
Date: 04/28/2018 06:38
Hi, I am trying to download this entire site <>
which seems to have a large number of links within (each of 1000+ texts in
html split to chapters, etc).. Now this is the first time I have used this
program (great soft btw) so I am still pretty confused on how to best control

I feel like, even given the numerous links on that page, over 100k is kind of
ridiculous. Could something maybe be going wrong, like maybe is it trying to
download each one of those pages each time it is referenced? Sorry if this
sounds stupid but I'm trying to learn lol. Or, is there a way to increase
maximum number of links before abort?
..I just ran the task again, waited a bit and it seems to be downloading more
files this time (previously downloaded files seem intact) but links scanned is
nearly at 30k already.. If I just keep running this until it eventually tells
me it is complete will I encounter any issues with consistency in files?
P.S. On progress screen, where it says 'links scanned: ###/###(+#)' what do
those values each represent?Thanks for reading

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Aborted due to >100000 links? A few questions..

04/28/2018 06:38


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