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Subject: Re: restart
Author: Cane
Date: 04/29/2018 13:12
I have a problem with this function... HTTrack, have downloaded about 330GB (of
about 370GB) of content and since I cant have it running 24/7, I den stop it.
Sometimes it stops as it should, bu finishing some files and then terminate.
At other times it just hangs, and never stops as it should.

But checking the folder afterwards, it actually have less files, then it did
wile running... last time i lost 2000 files.

The log claims that they are not in the cache and needs to be downloaded
again. But it's the same day after day. HTTrack have been running for 10-15
hours per day, for a couple of days, and it just wont download the last 10% of
the files.

I then made the mistake of trying "Update existing download", instead of
"Continue interrupted download" that I have been using for the last week or
so, and now I only have 50GB... I LOST almost 300GB of content. Granted I
didn't let it finish, but it seemed like it downloaded everything again, so I
tried to abort, but it hanged.
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