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Subject: Follow submit button
Author: Ioan Indreias
Date: 11/11/2002 14:02
Hi HTTrack forum,

I just download HTTrack and I try it a little bit.

I have one problem - and here it is the description:
* scenario:
  php3 page which generate one dynamic page with a FORM
  inside. Inside the form are several SUBMIT buttons
  (like <FIRST> <PREVIOUS> <NEXT> or <LAST> buttons).
* what I expect:
  to "mirror" also the resulted pages, simulating that I
  press one of those buttons.

Thinking more to this problem I found that it is a little 
bit difficult to implement, and here are some of my ideas:
- all "submit" buttons will be "saved" as simple buttons 
with onclick event
- there must be a link between all saved pages and values 
send by the form, in order to not download same dynamic page

In order to understand what I am talking about, here it is 
what I try to "download":
all companies information from which have their 
address in Bucharest, Mihalache Ion Street.


They return only 10 results and I should press <NEXT> 
submit button for another 10 and so on.

Because there are not links associated with submit button, 
HTTrack will not "mirror" those pages.

Maybe it will be helpfull if other HTTrack users will 
discuss if this feature it is usefull or not in order to be 
included in the TODO list.


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