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Subject: Ignore <link> tags in header?
Author: Steve Lefevre
Date: 06/11/2018 19:51
I'm using httrack to verify a site migration project. 

The migration target is a Drupal website, and a lot of its behavior is
out-of-the-box functionality from the Drupal platform. 

In the html <head> of each page, Drupal adds <link> tags that apparently
contain some metadata about the page and its functionality. For instance:

<link rel="devel-definition" href="/devel/taxonomy_term/221/definition" />

This link goes to the administrative backend, where one can examine a
particular "taxonomy term". 

However, since httrack is not logged in as an administrator, all of these
administrative links show up as broken (404) in the log. These are false
negatives in my use case for httrack. 

Is there a way I can tell the command line version of httrack to ignore link
tags in the head?

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Ignore <link> tags in header?

06/11/2018 19:51


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