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Subject: Remove sid parameter from any link on phpbb forum
Author: PeterPan
Date: 07/16/2018 22:50

thanks for httrack!

I would like to use it to make a copy of my phpbb3 board.

How can I setup httrack to ignore the sid query string parameter in any link
that it scans/finds?
So for example httrack scans my board and finds links like...

...then I want httrack to ignore "sid=23423423" and "sid=999393" thus treating
the two links as the same link.

I have the feeling the sid causes a lot of trouble and duplication and even
too many links (especially when for some reason a new session id is generated
which makes all links appear to be a new link for httrack). It also makes it
impossible to continue a mirroring session the next day since httrack will
probably get a new session id from my board thus making all links appear as
new links again and so on. I hope you get my point.

So please is there a way to tell httrack to ignore the "sid=somenumber" part
in any scanned link?
Help is really appreciated!

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Remove sid parameter from any link on phpbb forum

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