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Subject: Error File has moved
Author: charles
Date: 09/11/2018 18:43

I tried to copy the following website but I only get the error: Filed has
I am completely lost, please help me, I am a newbie

See below the website I want to copy and the error


20:14:59 Warning: Found for <>
20:14:59 Warning: File has moved from <> to
20:15:01 Error: "Not Found" (404) at link <> (from
20:15:03 Error: "Not Found" (404) at link <> (from
20:15:04 Warning: Moved Permanently for <>
20:15:04 Warning: File has moved from <> to
20:15:04 Error: "Error when decompressing" (-1) at link
<éparatifs/> (from

Any help most appreciated.

Thanks a lot 

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Error File has moved

09/11/2018 18:43
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