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Subject: I hope my intentions are good...
Author: Charles Miller
Date: 10/03/2018 14:07
I propose to use HTTrack to make a LOCAL copy of my client's live website. Then
revise and simplify that local copy (probably with Dreamweaver). Then convert
it to WordPress (manually I assume). Then upload it to replace the current

(There may be an intermediary step where I upload the new site to MY hosting
spot for a shakedown cruise.)

Please advise if what I'm intending isn't a good way to do it. (For example,
it seems that some site copying software makes a view-able copy of the site
but does not retain identical file structure -- and thus isn't appropriate for
development. I assume I need identical file structure, and I suspect some of
the under-the-hood files may need editing to match their current location.)

Chuck M

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I hope my intentions are good...

10/03/2018 14:07


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