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Subject: Newbie needs some help to get started
Author: Zonal
Date: 10/06/2018 22:06
Hello everybody,

I need some help getting started. I’ve been playing around with the software
which I always do with new software. Reading and learning in practice. The
problem in this case is that trying something out might take hours or even
days in the worst case.

So to avoid that I hope you guys can help me out, at least to get started. The
website I want/try to download is: <>

This website is a database for music and I use it to tag my (digital) music
collection. The website basically consists of four parts. Explore,
Marketplace, Community and a personal page if you have an account/profile.
On the website I always use the search function to search for labels, artists,
albums, releases and so on. But I assume (am afraid) that there is no scenario
I can use the search function in a (offline) download of a website!? 
In that case I probably only will be needing the ‘Explore’ part of the
site, which to my knowledge contain the music releases part. 

The problem is that when I click most links in the downloaded pages it says:
“Rate limit reached. Error 429. You have made too many http requests. Please
try again shortly. 

I assume I have to change in the settings that the software has to retry until
it succeeds and/or maybe some sort of time setting so you don’t make to much
http requests in a short period of time.

So I probably did something wrong or did not specify the things I want in the
settings. Hope you guys can help me out or at least get me started. I don’t
mind trying things out.

Thanks in advance! 😊

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