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Subject: Re: Copying and then Republishing Site
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/14/2002 18:38
> I have a client( I am their network engineer and the 
> me to do something) whose site is held hostage on an ISP 
> and they have no backup, so I want to strip the site, 
> switch dns to their new hosting plan, and then reupload 
> site.
> How can i do this with the least amount of effort using 
> HTTRACK? They have no ftp access so I cant just grab it.  

Imagine the site is
Use default settings, and set the additional settings:

1. Options / Scan rules:
erase default values, and type:

2. Options / Spider / Spider : 
set to "no robots.txt"

3. Options / Browser ID / Browser "identity" :
set to the Internet Explorer one (the first entry)

4. Options / Browser ID / Html footer :
set to "(none)"

This should work if there is not too much javascript or 
flash inside, but you'll have to change few pages, I 
imagine (for example, database access)
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Copying and then Republishing Site

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Re: Copying and then Republishing Site

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