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Subject: Wordpress Members Area Login Problems
Author: pugglet
Date: 10/16/2018 21:29
hello and thanks for the great software :) i hit my first hangup using it

i have been able to copy sites for offline browsing by entering the url, but
it is not grabbing the members area (says"this content is for members only")

the site in question is wordpress, and i have tried using my login credentials
through the URL capture feature and also manually entering, but when i try
those it doesnt work at all (doesnt even crawl the public pages)

using the URL Capture, it comes back as
<>? instead of the page i want to
crawl, and it does not crawl anything when i try to run it

any advice would be much appreciated!! perhaps there is a way to log in to
wordpress before running the crawl? or maybe use the cookie or something?

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10/16/2018 21:29
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