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Subject: Problem with download and HTTrack webpage showing
Author: Kris
Date: 10/18/2018 02:15
I am hoping someone can help.  I am downloaded a website.  It gave me some
errors but the site seems to work ok which seems weird.  Could this be
possible?Also, my main problem is that when I add the website on my webpage,
if I click on the url it first goes to a HTTrack webpage for for a brief
second and then goes to the website.  I can't figure out where it is in the
code.  There are 2 indexes.  One is definitely the HTTrack index and one the
website index, but if I delete the HTTrack index, the website doesn't work.  I
can't figure out what to do, to get rid of this HTTrack webpage that blinks on
before going to the website.  Thanks to anyone who can help!

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Problem with download and HTTrack webpage showing

10/18/2018 02:15


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