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Subject: Re: A question and a bug
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/14/2002 18:46
> When HTTrack is running, it has a very nice status 
output, including something like this:
> Links Scanned 123/456 (+789)
> I'm guessing that 123/456 is number of links 
> followed/number of links found in total, but what is the 
> +789?
The number of files being processed in the background 
(therefore, when you see X/Y (Z) ; you can assume that X+Z 
links were processed out of Y links)

> If you httrack <>, you'll
> find that on the main page, the rollover buttons on the
> left side don't work correctly (the link in the page 

Right.. sometimes javascript isn't working well. In this 
case, I think the problem is related to the <script src=..> 
tag, which refer to a different directory. This is a 
problem, as httrack can't then know where to find the 

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