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Subject: cuckoo/stash collision on Ubuntu 14.04 - no newer
Author: theWoosh
Date: 10/25/2018 18:41
I am trying to make a snapshot of a live site so I can archive it and I get so
far then keep getting the dreaded 'assertion '! "hashtable internal error:
cuckoo/stash collision"' failed at htsinthash.c:788 - OK'

The version installed is 3.48.1-4ubuntu1 and I understand this has been fixed
in later versions (post 3.48.7) but I cannot find a package that is any newer
than this for Ubuntu 14.04. Are there dependency problems if I try and install
version 3.48.21-1 package from ubuntu 16.04 repository?
Any ideas - this is sooo frustrating (and such a great program!)

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cuckoo/stash collision on Ubuntu 14.04 - no newer

10/25/2018 18:41


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