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Subject: Why is HTTrack missing this specific link???
Author: NegoSilva
Date: 11/25/2018 22:05
Hey mates, how're you doing?First, I'm really really sorry if this is not
allowed, or just plain irritating, feel free to remove...

So, I'm trying to study to start on a project, and I was trying to get this

For some reason, HTTRack is not getting, a file requested on

I tried several different settings, but for some reason it just doesn't get
the file! It gets most files from this folder, it writes the path, but simply
does not gets the file. The file is requested as a src for a slider bg - not
quite sure if the request is only displayed on the source code as the path
HTTrack writes (and I inspect), or is made at some other point during DOM
generation, though... Would anyone know why this is happening???
TKS yall! peace

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Why is HTTrack missing this specific link???

11/25/2018 22:05


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