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Subject: How do I finetune HTTrack for site-grabbing course
Author: Rges
Date: 12/12/2018 11:54
Does anyone have experience with site-grabbing (offline browser) of a
Moodle-courses platform with HtTrack?I am trying to use HtTrack on Windows 10
to make a HTML-copy of all courses the way that my Students see them.
This works fine for webpages that are directly accessible (by anonymous
visitors) such as: Homepage, Wiki, Tags, Glossary, Abbreviations.
HTTrack as windows 10 desktop-software programs claims it can automatically
render HTML-files of all webpages behind a login-page, by following all
hyperlinks subsequently (after logging in).
So I use the login/password of a test student in order to download the
rendered content of all his courses within my website (based on Moodle 3.5.1)
via HtTrack 3.49-2 .
I set the proxy as required by HtTrack, but this does not give me more
rendered webpages regarding the content of available courses.
As result, I only see the overview page of every course, but when HtTrack
automatically clicked on the hyperlink to open the actual course, my guess is
that HTTrack encountered the login page again and did not know what to do
My conclusion is that HTTrack does not remember (Moodle session?) the
username/password combination for a second login procedure, everytime HTTrack
moves on to a next course.

Is my conclusion correct?How do I finetune HTTrack to stay logged into
Moodle?Does the failure have to do with the user-session that Moodle
generates?Can you give me any advice on automatic site-grabbing beyond the
A. My role = teacher and admin. I do not want to use the Moodle-function of
'role playing': viewing online webpages as if I am logged in as a student. 
I need offline HTML-rendered webpages containing lesson-content of every
B. I can call up (when I am logged in) every page in a course or lesson and
view it in my webbrowser (Firefox). 
Then I 'Save As' the complete HTML-page via my webbrowser. This means that I
have to do this procedure hundred times manually for each lesson-page etc. .

Friendly regards,

HtTrack 3.49-2
Firefox Dev 65.0b3 (64bit)
Moodle 3.5.1+ (
PHP version 7.2.8

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