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Subject: no images .webp .jpg data-src
Author: Martin
Date: 12/14/2018 11:29
I try to copy the page, after finishing the pictures are not visible.

Action: Download all sites in pages (multiple mirror) - ON. 
•Proxy: no
•Scan Rules:
+*.css +*.js*
+*.gif +*.jpg +*.jpeg +*.png +*.tif +*.bmp
max mirrioring depth: 2
max external  depth: 1
•Flow Control: default settings
•Links: Attempt to detect all links - ON, Get non-HTML files related to a
link - ON.
•Build: default settings
•Spider: default settings, Parse java files - ON, Update hank - ON, URL
hacks - ON, no robots.txt rule
•MIME types: default settings (none)
•Browser ID: default settings 
•Log, Index, Cache: default settings 
•Experts Only: default settings 

Example below.

<a class = "link" title = "Living within trees. A single-family house by mia2
/ architects .. Steyr, Austria" href =
graf-living-within-trees-a-single-family-house-by-mia2-architects "> <img
data-src =" <,f_auto,q_auto>,
w_auto / v1518014594 / sv76ktzumed1ukpsxqwy /
"class =" cld-responsive "alt =" mia2 / ARCHITEKTUR, Gregor Graf · Living
within trees. A single-family house by mia2 / architects. " src = "#" /> </a>

Please help. Greetings.

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no images .webp .jpg data-src

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