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Subject: Re: PHP BB with login requirement
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/17/2002 11:05
> So I'm sure you're familiar with the popular PHP BB's 
> everywhere...  There is one I'd like to mirror which 
> requires a user to sign in.  He then gets a cookie which 
> allows him to read and post messages.  Is there a way for 
> me to mirror those pages?  Copying the cookie to the 
> httrack cookies file did not work, I think I need to 
> somehow fill in the login info...

... and then, 
- launch (wiw)httrack
- start a new project
- add url / capture url
- change your browser proxy settings temporarily as 
- press the login "submit" button ; the form request should 
be captured by httrack, and your browser should display a 
page such as "link captured"
- start the mirror with httrack
- revert your browser settings as they were before

This sometimes work, sometimes not, depending on the 
complexity of the website after that.
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PHP BB with login requirement

11/17/2002 05:06
Re: PHP BB with login requirement

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