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Subject: Extensionless urls are saved as .html
Author: mm
Date: 01/04/2019 04:27
Extensionless urls are saved as .html

I'm scrapping <> and the url
<> is saved
as honest-wealthy-affiliate-review.html

Also I noticed the link in the "Reply" to reply the comments is 


instead of something like


All this to say that then I have the same html file duplicated for each

 - honest-wealthy-affiliate-review.html
 - honest-wealthy-affiliate-review1f63.html
 - honest-wealthy-affiliate-reviewru83.html
 - honest-wealthy-affiliate-reviewj489.html

And so on...

Just to clarify the expected result should be:

 - honest-wealthy-affiliate-review/index.html

So I can go to to `localhost/honest-wealthy-affiliate-review` to serve that
page, which matches the page from the url that is on the website.


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Extensionless urls are saved as .html

01/04/2019 04:27


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