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Subject: Filters 'reasoning' not only 'explicit' & more
Author: TarekJor
Date: 01/08/2019 09:45
Hi, I already search over the forum, this is specific, sorry if this is a noob
question it is not clear for me ;)

I understand that Filters (priority, order) is from first to bottom, but I
don't know if this admits 'logic' or 'reasoning', as explicit 'exclude' /
'include' and exceptions (overriding)

for example

I want to archive a site (example is fictional site)
domain is

I want some specific pages:
(mime:text/html) (not all html) only on defined patterns & mime:video/*


... but only mime:text/html & mime/video/* defined by inclusions (+)
I put* as a general explicit exclusion, then explicit

I want to know if the desired result is (denied - except +) or if this will
denied all (as the first is a general exclusion)

The desired-result is

+html for every link with desired pattern 'only', excluding all the other
I assume the 'crawler' will follow only desired links and not the rest, is
this right?
+ all videos with the desired pattern

The filters are only separated by line or I can combine filters in one line as
For example* +mime:text/html

is not the same than*

or it is the same?
For every link the crawler checks all filters or only the first (denied or
accepted) ?

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Filters 'reasoning' not only 'explicit' & more

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