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Subject: copying but not wrighting all
Author: Nebil Lahouel
Date: 11/17/2002 15:06
i started project launched on and I 
put in the scan rules all invisible frames such
I succed to copy folders but they are empty only one is 
full , the problem for others is when copying the 
percentage of transfre is shown but is writte : write to 
disk no . I don't understand why , knowing that the loders 
are similar , they articles for a pay scientific magazine .
The folder written is or
but all others like or 
are tranferrd but not saved on disk 
so if any body can explain how to handle this problem this 
will be helpful for me. 

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copying but not wrighting all

11/17/2002 15:06
Re: copying but not wrighting all

11/19/2002 20:31


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