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Subject: wishes for the next version
Author: Ronald Schmiers
Date: 02/09/2019 22:40
i'm using WinHTTrack since some years. 
but what i wish to have is "please write the source-data in the jpg-comment!"

I have to do this for every file after mirroring manually!!!
I wish to have in jpg comment: 
 filedate from server, (eventually change-date from server, and exif-dates)
Path: HTML-URL (wich contains this image)
 <tile> (Of the html page ) 
 <description> (of the html-page, if available) 
 <alternative text> (of the image, if available)
 because i spend many hours of time to write this data afterwards! Even in the

IPTC-Source i use for the image-url. 
IPTC-copyright i use for the html-url. 
IPTC-headline i use for <title>
IPTC-document-title i use for the file-path\name. 
The other IPTC-tags i'm using at availability. 

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wishes for the next version

02/09/2019 22:40


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