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Subject: Re: Updating; deleting cache; default options
Author: Haudy Kazemi
Date: 11/19/2002 05:11

> Hello,
> I have several questions on you:
> 1. Is there any possibility (when updating) to download 
> only files created after certain date without comparing 
> file size? I want to make my own comments into downloaded 
> html sites, but don't wanna download them again.
In 'Set Options' | Spider tab, uncheck 'Update hack (limit 
retransfers)'.  That'll make winhttrack only download files 
with changed 'last-modified' values.  Whether this works or 
not depends on your webserver, because some (broken) 
webservers always indicate a file has changed whether or 
not it really has changed.

> 2. Can I still update site after deleting cache of IE?Yes, httrack has it's
own cache in the \hts-cache folder of 
your project save folder.  It needs the new.* and *.ini 
files in that folder for updates.

> 3. How can I set default options?From the project screen where you enter the
URLs and see 
the 'Set Options' button, click the menu item 'Preferences' 
and select 'Save Default Options'.

> Thanks for your advice.
> David
Have fun,


P.S. I hope this saves Xaviar a little time that he can use 
for improving/bugfixing httrack further.  I suggest as 
Httrack users pitch in with the q/a in the forum as much as 
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Updating; deleting cache; default options

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Re: Updating; deleting cache; default options

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