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Subject: significant improvements for next release!
Author: Marcellino
Date: 11/20/2002 10:16
HTTRACK could be easily greatest if succeed to avoid and 
limit more confusions and missings in the menu & set 
options related features:  

1) it's hardly to understand how to manage "SET OPTIONS-
>Scan Rules".  Let's suppose one of most required feature 
as TO EXTRACT ONLY FEW TYPE OF FILES from any website 
scanned by HTTRACK started from the "Web Address" list.  
I think it's a must be in the Scan Rules menu, to add alike 
simple check box to exclude or not ALL other types of files 
without detailed mentioning them in the exclude list !  
To be more suggestable, nobody can easily imagine what to 
entry in the Scan Rules box if he wants to grab ONLY *.htm 
or ONLY *.jpg files from the sites.  In the present, the 
scan rules check boxes we found there, are too confused or 
too complicated for this simply task.  Otherwise, am I to 
be forced to include those type of files I want but, in the 
same time, to exclude ALL THE REST by adding each type in a 
too long exclusion list ?? 

2) URL txt list option is not explained and exampled by the 
HELP !  This is another very important feature that seems 
to be missed for support. 

3) Many times when we start new project, this is not saved 
by default after finishing.  When try to later relaunch to 
update, resume or simply use same options is not easily to 
realize what to do with Load Options, Save Project, Default 
Options etc.  I think it could be easily and more reliable 
if automatically save the project immediately after 
starting the downloads cause most of users forget to save 
it after more tens of minutes when finishing !

4) Experts Only feature in the Set Options menu is too 
confused and none explained by examples in the HELP.  I 
think a little support by some commented examples could be 
helpful to include right in the Expert Only menu panel.
In fact there are only 2 (TWO) large cases of scanning to 
grab files starting from a website/webpage: 
a) starting webpage contain a list of links to webpages 
hosted in same server and with any address starting with 
the main root
b) starting webpage contain a list of other server's 
webpages and files (any link could jump you outside to any 
Internet address)
Consequently, I think that dramatically simplifying the Set 
Options menu by avoiding contradictory settings combining 
Experts Only, Limits (external and internal depth) and 
Links panels, is a must need.  Otherwise is really hardly 
how to combine and why separately define Maximum External 
Depth, Get non-Html link, Primary Scan Rule (store non-html 
files?), Travel outside or up/down (??). 

Finally, I insisted on these above cause I think, despite  
more other's products with similar features, the large 
modularity and programmability of HTTRACK, after these 
alike adjustments, could offer unbeatable product for all 
site mirroring related tasks.  
Success and please include my email in your updates list 
Thank you for this greatest job !

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11/20/2002 10:16
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