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Subject: Mirror Testsite that contains life-url's / regex
Author: T. Hines
Date: 08/08/2019 16:41
Hi All,

thank you very much for this wonderful and very useful tool!

I am mirroring a test site:

unfortunately all links on the index page on the test site point to the
production site:

The command just gives me one page: index.html 

Is there any possibility to tell httrack to replace all www. with www-test. in
documents read before links are followed or with
A regex replacer for documents read before they getting parsed / links
followed would be very helpful. Is there a chance to achieve this?
I am using the following command line options:
httrack <> -N100 -K3 -B -a --clean -d -l* -p1 --ext-depth=0 -v -b1 -s0 --cookies=Y --mirror
--user-agent="Go-http-client/1.1" '-*' ''

Thank you very much for any help in Advance - I hope that Tolik is not
spamming my post again - apologies for posting this again ...

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Mirror Testsite that contains life-url's / regex

08/08/2019 16:41


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