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Subject: How download specific folder names on a website
Author: Dustin
Date: 08/22/2019 21:18


I'm trying to download certain folder names on a 2TB website. The folder names
contain stuff in his free section that is 150 GB. The owner of the website has
allowed me to do this. He said if I get any other files I have to stop the
download immediately as the rest of the files are copyrighted materials and I
don't have permission to look at or download the file at all. I keep being
stuff on being able to only download that because HTTrack is proceeding to
download the entire 2TB. As manually downloading is nearly impossible since
there are links to thousands of documents to download in which you cannot
download in bulk and you can manually if you click each file which everything
drops and gets errors if you download too much at the same time. 


How can I download only that folder on the domain via URL link? and exclude
everything else? 


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How download specific folder names on a website

08/22/2019 21:18


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