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Subject: How can I download just 1 page??
Author: JC
Date: 11/22/2002 13:22

Before I've tried using WinHHTrack, I was using Offline 
Commander.  Offline Commander is a very easy-to-use tool 
for me because it made it so easy to save an Internet page 
one at a time w/o having to set filters.  With Offline 
Commander, all I had to do was click on the "e" icon in 
the URL box, then drag it to a "box" that belonged to 
Offline Commander. Then, that single, specific page would 
be saved.  Is there any way for me to save a single page 
at a time without downloading thousands of other links??  
If I have to set filters, how should I set it so that I'll 
download just one page at a time?
Thanks in advance,


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How can I download just 1 page??

11/22/2002 13:22
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11/23/2002 16:41


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