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Subject: Re: WindowsME video driver related problem
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/23/2002 16:46
> when trying to use HTTrack versions 3.21-? or 3.22-? on 
> Acer Travelmate 212 laptop under WinME a message pops up 
> saying (roughly translated, but I can supply all of it 
> exactly, of course) that HTTrack.exe caused an excepting 
> within the video driver(dll).

Darn.. this might be related to the trident card problem. 
This kind of problem was reported several times, but seem 
to be related to  the way MFC DLL's are handling graphic 
operations using this driver.. and it seems to be the 
driver fault, not MFC drivers fault. 

Try to install the latest version of the video card driver, 
of try to disable accelerating features in the driver, this 
may fix the problem. 

Unfortunately, I don't control the way MFC dll's are using 
drivers (or the way drivers are responding to mfc 
requests), and therefore I can hardly do anything.

> This will happen with a freshly installed WinME (yes, 
> really done that)

Hmm.. WinME is also the OS where many problems were 
reported :(

> no new drivers  expected to emerge.


> I suppose it to be a very specific problem of 
> this very hardware/software combination, which may be so 
> esoteric that it would be not reasonable to delve deeper 
> into it from the HTTrack side. If the problem is with the 
> video driver, there is no hope to get it fixed, anyway.

I strongly suspect the video driver - by the way, what's 
your card vendor? (is it a trident card?)

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