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Subject: Help
Author: AntonyG
Date: 06/21/2001 10:26
Hi there...

Httrack is a superb application, but I do have a quick

When I tell httrack to download a couple of layers from
a certain website, it does this without any problem,
but on the last layer of the web site, it changes the
links to Absolute links, rather than keeping the links
relative as they were in the original. I think the way
that it works at the moment is probably the best, and
what most people will require, but I need httrack to
leave the links alone in the last layer just incase I
have those files already from a previous download...

So basically, I need all links in the entire web site
to be left as relative links, or to be converted to
relative links if they have been put in as absolute.

Thanks for any help you may have!!


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06/21/2001 10:26
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