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Subject: Wikis, images, and -n / --near
Author: Cédric
Date: 12/09/2019 21:28

I'm trying to save a Wikipedia article, with just a depth of 1 for now (might
be more later), but I'd like to save its embedded images as well, and I can't
seem to understand how to do that, or why it doesn't work with the options I

Let's say I want to save the page <>,
with a command line like "httrack <> -O
mirror --depth=1 --near". The page is saved, but the images are missing. When
I look at the original page's source code, I see that the images are stored on
<>. So it's a different domain. But with other
sites, as soon as I use the --near option, such external resources are
downloaded as well, even if I don't add any filters or options likes

For example, on another wiki, when I try to mirror the page
<>é, if I don't use the --near option, the
images are missing (they're stored on another subdomain). But as soon as I add
that option, the images are downloaded.

Has anyone any idea why it does not work on Wikipedia ?

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Wikis, images, and -n / --near

12/09/2019 21:28


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