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Subject: Re: Download Time
Author: Gabriele
Date: 01/10/2020 19:15
> I have a little problem, last night i started a
> download for a theme but it has still been in
> download for 24 hours. It's right, or there's some
> problem?
If you're lucky it got stuck for some reason, otherwise you downloaded half
the internet :)

Have a look at what and how much it has downloaded so far, there's a very good
chance you're downloading a huge amount of unrelated useless stuff. 
In most cases you can cancel and resume it with different settings without
problems (although it's more prudent to make a copy of the project's folder
before resuming).

Why do you need to use this software for a "theme", though? Aren't they
usually made up of just one or a few files?This is not a "downloader", it's a
software to make local copies of large parts of web sites, it won't be of any
help in downloading few, independent files.
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