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Subject: Settings problem for strict lower/upper case
Author: Declic Video FX
Date: 04/23/2020 18:39

I am the owner of the following website:
Developped over 16 years with passion, but no more time to keep it update, and
hosted in ASP.NET which is quite expensive, I would like to switch it to a
purely static website on a less expensive hosting provider. I thought I could
use httrack.

I have difficulties to find the correct settings, could you please help me ?
While taking a snapshot of the website with httrack, I have the problem that
CSS etc are not correctly captured or more precisely, folders are sometimes
not accessible to httrack (normal), and since I have local copies it's not
that problematic, but unfortunately the path is slightly modified (folder are
sometimes uppercase or sometime lowercase).

Which parameter should I use please, so I Can put back the files on another
provider and it work as a static website ?

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Settings problem for strict lower/upper case

04/23/2020 18:39
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04/25/2020 19:51


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