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Subject: No resume
Author: Chuckbuck
Date: 05/04/2020 13:19
Just this week. HTtrack will not allow me to resume a session. Everything is
set correct. I keep a template of every site I am required to check every day.
I have always copied and pasted and it has always worked. It is nearly 100
sites now. But sometimes, weather-wise I am required to shut down my test
system. Nothing will resume no matter what I have tried. I always know when it
is going to work because the site I am checking shows up on the -Resume mode

No changes in this system. I get audited every month and I have to show these
sites were checked. If I can't show it I get "pointed". Had another tech check
it last night and he had the same issue and verified no changes to this

I cannot start it over due to the time it takes so safely scan these sites
without impacting them. I can show I made the attempts but "Your a
professional, I expect you to fix issues. NOTHING SHOULD STOP THESE SCAN!!!
WHAT AM i PAYING YOU FOR!!!!!" ,-- underline "paying"  

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05/04/2020 13:19
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