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Subject: Does not download everything
Author: AsuraBe
Date: 05/31/2020 08:48
Hello, I'm trying to download a website. It has limited access until midnight
today, so I need your help. 
Description: I have 5 links, all of them have this form " " I
choose "Download web sites". If I don't set any scan rules, it downloads a
maximum of two links deep into the page. But rather he downloads only the one
website. Otherwise he will use the normal website instead of using a file on
your computer.

I made the following scan settings and always got the result:
Links on this domain, Links on domains containing with the string
I also tried "ALL LINKS" once. It really downloads the needed links, but also
~40 other websites and I don't want that. 

Maybe you can help me with the scan settings. 

I hope for an answer soon, so I can download the website today. 

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05/31/2020 08:48
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