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Subject: Problem with Downloading a website with login
Author: AsuraBe
Date: 06/01/2020 00:38
Hi guys,
I know this is a super typical problem. But I've been sitting on this crap for
over two hours now and I just can't get any further:
I want to access a website that's protected by a log-in. 
Protected area looks like this in format:
The login field opposite is on a new page: 

I tried to use the input form first, but it did not work. 
After that I tried Capture, and I must have tried it 50 times. 
I first had to disable my IPv6 in the registry.
After that I followed these instructions very closely:
In other words: Firefox cookies/cache are empty. Then click on "Capture the
link". Then Firefox opened. The page opened. Changed the proxy in the
settings. Then I copied the login data from a text file into the text boxes
and then clicked on "Login" and hopefully waited for the window "Link captured
...". Unfortunately, I was logged in every time and I started the procedure
again, as I said, at least 50 times until I'm about to go crazy, because I
don't know what to do. 
It simply cannot get the link. I have also tried to solve this with
"username:password@www.", but I can't because my username is the email
I have also tested the format "?username&..." already. 

I hope you can help me, I just don't know how to login. 
I guess, regarding the two different links, first the link with the login must
be listed and then the actual direct link, correct? But I would love to get
that far first haha. 


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Problem with Downloading a website with login

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