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Subject: Re: Where do I send the crash reports?
Author: trakker
Date: 06/14/2020 16:02
Hi Steve,

if you consider it a bug, then I suggest you use the official bug tracker:

For lengthy generated responses, such as crash reports so to say, please
consider to paste it in a convenient medium, for example:
From there you get a new, single URL, which then you can put to your bug
report. This will make life easier for everyone, and the usage of a (free)
service like pastebin ensures (usually) that it does not modify
unintentionally the actual information in terms for formatting.

Then it would also be good, if you create a request in this forum with the
link to your bug report (if it is a bug report), or if you chose to report it
only to the forum, then do the same steps with pastebin and provide here the
pastebin URL.

Hint: copy and paste only the generated, captured output from HTTrack to
pastebin, and provide your prose description separately, written in here for
example and/or on the bug tracker platform (see link above). Never put your
prose text together with the output into pastebin (or similar services).

Also make sure that the generated output does not contain any sensitive
information you don't want to share. Then you need to mask them out (for
example "***USERNAME***" could replace a user name, and so on; assemble
masking text in a consistent way across the report to make life easier for
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