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Subject: Re: jpg only Thumbs downloaded
Author: trakker
Date: 06/15/2020 06:00

maybe someone more experienced can also comment here from the forum, but from
what I see, your website loads first thumbnails, which can be located in img
tags with "normal" links. Therefore HTTrack is able to download them.

But when you click on such a thumbnail photo, a JavaScript piece is executed,
which only then starts to get the larger image size from the server.
And this is a situation, because it is JavaScript-controlled action, I am
afraid nothing HTTrack can do about it.

Example from the source code of your Island website:

Thumbnail URL from an img tag:

And its corresponding larger sized photo URL:

But this one resides in a data-href tag, which seems not to be crawlable by

Wondering if anyone else may confirm if such HTMl5 data attributes are
completely out of scope for HTTrack? 
But that is my guess.
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