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Subject: Re: Mac Version
Author: trakker
Date: 06/25/2020 10:53
AFAIK, there is no WinHTTrack counterpart for Mac.
But you have 2 possibilities to use it on a Mac:
- command line (imho, the most powerful way to use HTTrack)
- WebHTTrack

Both will be installed respectively made available when you install it via
homebrew for example. See instructions to install here:

If you need to install homebrew first, then check out instructions here:

For command line usage, you best consult the manual: 
as well as the most current options, which you get by typing on the command

httrack --help

If you like to have a GUI-like experience, then you can use the WebHTTrack
version, which you can start like that:

(example follows a standard homebrew path; else you need to locate where
webhttrack has been installed):

type on command line:


This will start a local webserver and starts also automatically a browser
directing you to the first screen of WebHTTrack.

From there you go via (Web) GUI.
I don't know how capable the Web GUI is, it might be more limited. However,
any option presented there follows of course the same behavior/requires the
same understanding of the options as decribed in the manual (see URL above).

Good luck!
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