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Subject: Re: AOL and downloading .jpeg
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/24/2001 14:11
> When I then 
> examine the downloaded web site all JPG files are 
> 532bytes and are not viewable.

Try to rename one of these jpg file into txt file: I 
thing you will see HTML code ("404 Not Found")
Look at the hts-log.txt file to see why these files 
are broken (maybe missing files, maybe a bad reques, 
or maybe a filter)

> Is this a security measure on behalf of the web 
site ? 

It may

> Also is there a way to re-name down loaded files and 
> send them to a specific directory ? and what would 

Yes - see the options, like in "Set 
options"/"Build"/"Local structure options"

> the suggested parameters for downloading a web site 
> as to respect bandwidth etc...?
If you have a fast pipe, you can limit the bandwidth 
to something like 10KB/s

> Many thanks in anticipation and appologies for my 
> ignorance, but I am learning.....

You're welcome!

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