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Subject: Very strange work!
Author: Dmitry
Date: 07/30/2020 08:35
Hi all!
Sorry for my bad english! Try to download big site. And catch two problems:
1. I dont need external links scanning!!! Im try ALL options, but no luck.
Programm creates external links diligently, not a needed links. Now i cannot
get mirror of that site, i get mirror of the external links)) Thats too bad(
2. Site is very big. I need to interrupt downloading every evening, but at
morning program starts download it anew!!! Im try to "continue", im try to
"update", all options - no luck!!! The same files every day! Log file says -
"retransferred due to lack of cache". And i cannon fix it(
Absolutely useless programm. Please help me make it work properly! 

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