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Subject: Re: Filters again
Author: Leto
Date: 12/04/2002 00:26
> (A) Does a filter '/dir/*' catch also the files in 
> a /dir/subdir subdirectory? 
> Or does this filter only match the files in the /dir 
> Directory (without any 'lower' files)?> If the first alternative: How should
I filter only the 
> files in the /dir directory?
'/dir/*' will catch anything and everything below /dir/, for example:

If you wanted to exclude /dir/, but include /dir/subdir/ you could try the
following, but there must be links elsewhere that point to those lower levels
of /dir/ else you will not be able to mirror them

> (B)
> Suppose, there is a link to a directory '/dir' (HTTrack 
> creates then locally an index.html file). Is the filter 
> applied to the remote link (an 'empty' filename) or the 
> local index.html file?
All filters are applied to the remote URLs.
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