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Subject: Small issue with Make an Index
Author: Leto
Date: 12/04/2002 02:06
Using v3.22-2, but has been an issue for a few releases now.  If I create a
basic project, pointed at a site, eg <> without "Make an
index" selected, the homepage for the site will be mirrored as "index-2.html"

If an "index.html" does not exist in a project, then the "C:\My web
sites\index.html" does not appear to add the project to the list.

When "Make an index" is selected, a "index.html" is created which is an
HTTrack page with a link to index-2.html

Ideally if Make an index is not selected then the homepage should be
index.html not index-2.html

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Small issue with Make an Index

12/04/2002 02:06
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