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Subject: Grap Data out of a warehouse system
Author: Jan
Date: 12/05/2002 17:35

I have to make a offline copy of some of our online 
warehousesystem. In particular that means that the 
warehouse stores all the files (PDF, PPT, EXE, etc) in a 
database. To access the files, you call a ASP page with an 
parameter (view.asp?fileno=1243). If you do this in a 
browser, everything works well and you see for example the 
PDF in the browserplugin (so the file is being extracted 
out of the database in an Temp directory). 
But if I grap the page with HTTRACK, it downloads the pdf, 
but names it for example like view000c.html. Of course you 
are only seeing wild ascii characters because the browser 
interprets the pdf noct as an ACrobat reader file but as an 
HTML file.
From my point of view HTTRACK is the most configurable web 
copier so I'm sure there is a flag I can set, but I can't 
find it (i tried already the USE OLD HTTP/1.0 REQUEST but 
it doesn't work...)

Any idea? Thanks in advance
best reagards

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Grap Data out of a warehouse system

12/05/2002 17:35
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