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Subject: Mirror error when downloading a website,HTTrack.
Author: Adler
Date: 09/09/2020 19:43
 I was trying to download a site from web, called Medicina Biomolecular
(Biomolecular medicine). It has a big amount of downloadable articles about
many topics.
 My intention was saving the entire site on my pc. Butt unfortunately an error
massage aways appears,even changing some recommended settings:( Scan
rules->include links->this link->´the site link´ + Browser ID-> browser
identity-> none).
The error massage:
  HTTrack has detected that the current mirror is empty.If it was an
update,the previous mirror has been restored.
  Reason:the first page(s) either could not be found,or a connection problem
 =>Ensure that the website still exists, and/or check your settings<= "

 Could someone help me with this? I would be greatfull for the help. 
Thank you.

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Mirror error when downloading a website,HTTrack.

09/09/2020 19:43
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09/16/2020 08:53


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