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Subject: Incomplete html files cached...
Author: Ted
Date: 12/07/2002 00:43
When I mirror a website (well section) sometimes I get 
incomplete html of the site (It's VERY rare).  I have 
tested and it seems to always be the same file and same 
spot in file but I can't see a reason for why.  I am not 
very good with html (I have to have references right there 
when writing) so that may be why.

Here is one of the files that come down incomplete:

NOTE: if anyone tests, make sure to exclude downloading of 
any links with .cgi (ex: -*.cgi*) in them and the mirror 
should take less than a minute probobly.  also make sure 
that travel mode is set to can go down (or you get the 
whole site).

Any ideas on what to try are welcome... or if I need to 
give more information.  Also I barely know how to even use 
winhttrack but I'm getting better.

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Incomplete html files cached...

12/07/2002 00:43
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