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Subject: Does only copy data files referred to in link?
Author: rubel
Date: 09/18/2020 22:52
Hi All,

New here, I have a few questions.

Website I am downloading is a online manual, it is menu driven, like directory
structure, I go down the menu and select the chapter I want, then input that
URL. I then select zero external links and sites, I select travel 'go up and
down' because otherwise it does not copy stuff from a folder that contains
data for all sections of the book.

What I want to find out is when it downloads the data from this folder, does
it copy ALL the data in that folder or only the data that is referenced in the
chapter I am downloading?
Next, every time there is a interruption, it seems to delete files already
downloaded and start again, is that normal?
Also, is there any way to make it download faster? I removed all transfer
limits but max. speed I get varied from 10-30kb/s.

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Does only copy data files referred to in link?

09/18/2020 22:52


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