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Subject: Static Forum Archive
Author: Rob
Date: 10/03/2020 09:47
I'm trying to create a static HTML archive of my own forum here:


It's been running for 9 hours, and it's downloaded over 93,000 files. There's
probably only 150 posts on the whole forum! I've filtered out as many pages as
I can using this list;


Which in theory should just leave the index pages, subforums, each page, and
each post to be archived. There are no external links being downloaded, just
this domain. I can't understand how that can be 93,000 files and counting!?
The first time I tried, I had allowed guests to see attached images, and I
stopped it at 30GB, as I could see that it was downloading many multiple
copies of each image and wasn't stopping. I thought I'd disable attached
images, as a test to see how many HTML-only pages it was trying to download.

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10/03/2020 09:47
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