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Subject: It doesn't download the whole website
Author: Jaume
Date: 11/07/2020 12:22
The finally downloaded files and their total size don’t correspond at all to
the quantities displayed in the program panel during the downloading process.
For example, 50,000 files and 25 GB that appeared on that panel during the
process are reduced by about 10,000 files and 5 GB, approximately. Is it
possible that it’s because of any limitations? I saw that in the final
report it put a message with a limitation of 100,000 files. Another thing I
have observed is that, during the download, many html files have the end .tmp.
At the end of the process, all AAAAAAA.html.tmp disappear, without the
conversion occurring and it haven’t downloaded their respective html. In
contrast, during the process, the files and sizes displayed in the panel
program correspond to the contents of the destination folder.

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It doesn't download the whole website

11/07/2020 12:22
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11/13/2020 21:31


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