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Subject: Re: Ideal settings for copying a website
Author: Brian
Date: 12/31/2020 22:53
> Hi Brian,
> THank you so much for your reply!
> Actually i have the default option selected
> (download website).
> It would be ideal to have the full structure in one
> single folder.
> Right now i am getting the following when i upload
> the website on the server: 
> ml (twice the same domain).
> Thanks again!


You are welcome (but I wish I was better at this)!
In your case, it is odd that it is duplicating the domain name in the URL.
Before starting a download, what I did is set up two folders directly in my d
drive. One is just for all potential clones: WinHTTrack_mirrors & a subfolder
for the specific project, in this case a folder for a test download of my own
website: M.I._Historic_site1. Then I point HTTrack to the master folder &
subfolder. What happens then is the sub-folder populates with a number of
files & a folder which has numerous subfolders itself (it is big site with
many levels (it took 19 hours to mostly download before I stopped it - but it
worked brilliantly!) To get to it I go to the D drive, navigate to that master
folder, go to the sub-folder and select the browser icon. That takes me on the
browser here:  
<file:///D:/WinHTTrack_mirrors/M.I._Historic_site1/index.html> Obviously this is
a location on my local machine. THis index page has a link which, if I click
it, takes me to the site which is "hosted" by my local machine, totally
independent to my site on the web.

Your URL looks like it is NOT on your local machine, is that correct? And is
that what you indended? 
~ Brian
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