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Subject: Failure to retrieve css files
Author: David Elliott
Date: 01/03/2021 12:03
Hi - a new user here and had problems with retrieving css files in 2 of the 3
sites I've tried so far:
+.css is in the scan rules, spider is set to no rules (although no robot.txt
file exists in source file.  Have used https rather than http.
creates a file <filename>.css.tmp which contains data in front of the actual
css text - removing the data and renaming to remove the .tmp extension is
non-functional.  Manually downloading the file works OK.

doesn't download at all - renames the .css file in the html page with a
4-digit suffix (looks like a hex code) e.g. style.css is renamed as
style3ce7.css.  Manually downloading the file and renaming with the extra 4
digits works OK.

Obviously this is a pain to locate any missing files for each.  Any ideas?

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Failure to retrieve css files

01/03/2021 12:03
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