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Subject: Depth of Scan Rules - Include Links
Author: Neil
Date: 01/26/2021 13:28
I am attempting to download <> (not all of it, but
to keep the site folder structure short I will use this as the example). I
have the default Limits on depth (infinite for the example site and zero for
external sites), but I know there are links within the chosen site to which I also wish to grab. Given this, I add the
following scan rules (plus some other but not relevant to discussion):


The majority of these rules are to exclude foreign language copies of all
mirrored links.

So HTTrack arrives at the folder <> in which is
a link to According to the scan rules HTTrack
should mirror this new folder. Also, this folder contains links to other pages
such as

My question is: Once HTTrack get to the page,
what mirroring depth applies? (my answer: potentially infinite)

Shortening the site to the final folder, would HTTrack mirror ABC than go on
to mirror GHI? (my answer: Yes)

What if GHI contained more links to other folders at, would these also be mirrored (we are now at depth
3)? (my answer: yes)

Finally, if ABC (or GHI) contained a link back to,
would all of (and its associated folders and
sub-folders) be mirrored? This would be equivalent to including in the list of Web Addresses (on page 2 of
WinHTTrack). (my answer: yes)


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